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Why? Why? Why?


On an education forum I frequent, teachers regularly complain about their school marking policy that demands them to mark student books, say every 2 lessons and how impossible it is to manage the workload.
The remaining thread is people sharing ideas on how to manage the load. There is no discernment as to whether these strategies meet the rationale behind the policy. They are just ways to ‘show’ the policy is being followed.

This worries me.

Are schools focussing too much on the ‘what & how’, instead of on the ‘why’?

Teachers around the country are desperately trying to ‘do’ what they’ve been told that in some cases the desired impact of the actions are lost. The value in that process has gone and they might as well not bother. We need to keep asking ourselves ‘why?’. And if the answer is ‘because I’ve been told to’ or ‘it’s for…

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  1. laura
    March 5, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Interesting to read about smiling and eye contact during an interview. Have had personal experience as you know and found this hard to achieve when the interviewer was tapping away on his computer throughout the interview.

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